In order for us to consider your request, please complete this form in full, attaching supporting documentation including tax-exempt form if applicable; sign, date and submit to the Glenview Women’s Club Charitable Contributions Committee at the address listed above. We regret that we cannot accommodate the requests of all deserving organizations/events. However, we assure that all requests receive a fair review, and ask applicants, prior to submitting a request, carefully consider how the mission of your organization fits with the Glenview Women’s Club.

Please be advised that Glenview Women’s Club requires that your inquiry be submitted 30-60 days in advance to allow for proper consideration. This however, does not guarantee receipt of donation, it only allows us ample time to review the numerous requests we receive. We appreciate the importance of your efforts and we do as much as we can to support our community’s organizations. You will be notified when your request is approved. Approved contributions require a representative from your organization to attend one of our monthly meetings for disbursement pick up. Thank you for your inquiry and we wish you all the best in your efforts.

***Note: Only one application per organization should be submitted

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